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Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, debilitating injuries, addictions, arthritis, skin conditions, wrinkles and aging. Now with the power of healing light, pills and surgery may become unnecessary. Light therapy is currently being used for everything from pain relief to healing broken bones and bullet wounds, for skin care, weight loss and smoking cessation. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Pain Management, an estimated 50 Million Americans live with chronic pain. The study also revealed that an additional 25 million suffer from acute pain from surgeries and accidents. Now with the introduction and availability of quantum cold laser therapy, all these sufferers have more options than just masking the pain with drugs, experimenting with expensive and risky surgery or just grinning and bearing it. Now you can use powerful and proven cold lasers & quantum cold laser technology to support the pain relief and healing process like never before. Quantum cold laser therapy is a wonderful, non-invasive alternative to pain and suffering.

Dr. Turzo has been using Quantum Cold Laser Therapy to help her patients heal from TMD (temporal mandibular dysfunctions) headaches, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain syndromes, autoimmune disorders and other pathologies successfully for 15 years. There are many studies that substantiate the effectiveness of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). They are FDA approved for pain. Research with over 4000 scientific papers Research and Information Cellular regeneration with LLLT requires repetitive use of at least 20 minuets per day on the effected area for a cure.

A Cold Laser main unit is available for purchase. The purchase includes instructions for usage, protocol for specific pathologies and a 45-minute consultation with Dr. Turzo for individual suggested protocol. Dr. Turzo’s personal consultation and extensive protocol instructions are only available with the purchase of the laser through the office or website. The main unit emits three wavelengths of red, infra red and violet, which will target different tissues for regeneration. The “probes” are also available which will concentrate the wavelength into red, infra red or violet. The probes are highly recommended for severe degenerative pathologies and/or intra oral use. The laser has also been used to treat reflexes for neuro integrative reflex therapy.

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