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The ALF Approach Mentorship Program

 A global community for ALF Approach case consultations online. 
The ALF AMP is a potent interdisciplinary, collaborative and integrative online educational platform. The Mentorship Program uses patient cases as the core curriculum to teach how to diagnose and treat complex craniofacial dysfunctions.

This ongoing membership has two levels - Annual Associate or Monthly Member. Click below to learn all about the program, and to join.


The ALF Approach Online Course

Online - On demand Course with access to one Live Mentorship Session.

Discover the interface of dentistry, osteopathy, and myofunctional therapy for the treatment of craniofacial dysfunctions in this potent online and live session course.

Get the cutting edge information to transform your patients lives as well as your practice.


Navigating ALF Phase 2 Treatment

A collaboration between osteopathic
physicians and dentists

New dates TBC

This two-day course teaches a roadmap of how to facilitate Phase 2 ALF treatment, emphasizing the collaboration between the osteopathic physician and the AFL dentist. 


ALF Educational Institution Course - Level 1

In Person - Mclean, VA
Next Session: 
Session 1: May 17th and 18th, 2024
Session 2: September 6th-7th, 2024

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ALF Educational Institution Course - Level 2

In Person - Mclean, VA

 Next Session: TBD

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Traumatic Brain Injury Video Course

Learn the connection between TBI, dental malocclusions, TMD and neurodegenerative diseases in this 2 part video course. 
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